Gavita Pro Classic Series 600 SE  - 240 Volt

Gavita Pro Classic Series 600 SE - 240 Volt


  • $349.95

Professional 600 watt high frequency electronic ballast. Microprocessor controlled. Driver efficiency >95%. Sealed housing with Gore-Tex® ventilation plug. The higher output and added efficiency of the industry standard HR96 reflector make this the workhorse of the family. Only suitable for use with 600 watt EL lamp (included). No acoustic resonance, up to 8% more grow light and light maintenance after 5000 hrs >95%. The spread of the Pro 600 with the industry standard HR96 SE (Single Ended) reflector is about 2.7×4 ft (80×120 cm) at 2 ft distance in overlapping plans for light levels up to 1000 µmol s-1 m-2. The fixed output, high frequency electronic ballast is designed to drive the Gavita Pro Plus 600 high voltage, high frequency single ended lamp, generating 1150 µmol s-1 of PAR light. This ballast is only suitable for our 400V, high frequency HPS lamps. Very low heat dissipation and very low weight. LED status indicator. Operates at 240 V. Comes with 8 ft power cord. 1 year warranty on the lamp.

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