ExHale CO2 Bag

ExHale CO2 Bag


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These revolutionary carbon dioxide production systems are designed to be maintenance-free. Simply place the bags slightly above the plants in your grow room to allow carbon dioxide to precipitate down onto the cultivated plants. ExHale CO2Bags utilize natural processes of beneficial fungal mycelia to cultivate carbon dioxide for up to 6 months! Increase CO2 levels to stimulate photosynthesis and increase vegetative growth and crop yields.


Plants growing under artificial light indoors often lack enough carbon dioxide to efficiently photosynthesize. Maximizing the process of photosynthesis is imperative for indoor growers and results in larger plants with greater yields. Use in vegetative and flowering stages for increased canopy size, faster growth and prolonged production during budding. Increasing CO2 levels can also help plants tolerate higher temperatures in grow rooms using bright lighting.

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